League of Fat Bastards

We are bastards for a good reason.

We craft unbelievable cigars so that we can fight social prejudice on men’s mental health.

We are a tribe. We are a movement. We are there for our bros in need. We want to smash down those bullshit myths around manning up.

"Toughen up, you'll be right!"

We've all heard it and we know it's BS. We all need help and that's why we exist.

But, we can only do that with your help. You need to buy our cigars, so we can donate 40% of our profits to NGOs supporting Mens Mental Health. Fair trade?

If you want a 100% Nicaraguan cigar of the highest premium quality - why not go for an LOFB cigar?


Smooth and wholesome.
Like all good fat bastards.

LOFB Serie L Cigar Box
Three key cigars from Serie-L launch

Creamy. Earthy. Our Serie-L cigars feel like leather, cocoa, and solid good times.

They have an intriguing undercurrent of spiciness, so you don’t easily forget about them.

Our premium cigars are genuine, like a homie who spits facts straight to your face. They are approachable, like that dude you would instantly click with. And they are sweet, because all bastards are, after all.

For your best buddy. And that buddy you don’t know.