League of Fat Bastards

be a FAT bastard for a good reason: join the league.

Guess what, biggie: boys cry too. And many do it in silence. We all go through hardships and society still tells us to be tough. That’s why we’ve created a community that’s so tough that we can open up fearlessly. 

By joining the League of Fat Bastards for free, you’ll gain access to purchase LOFB cigars directly, get special discounts, first-release of new products and merchandise and *coming soon* access to our online community of cigar aficionados who share the love of premium cigars and a drive to kick mental health social stigma in the ash.

Send the stigma up in smoke.

Coming soon

Online Community

Virtual cigar hangs

Find & connect with local cigar lounges, members and groups near you

A safe space to get real about manhood

Cigar reviews & recommendations

Mental health discussions, tips and encouragement

Q&As and live streams with industry professionals and icons

Priority access to new products & merchandise including Adam’s soon to be released guided audiobook (to be enjoyed with your LOFB Cigar) - Smashing the Mask of Masculinity !