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How to Identify if a Bro is Dealing with Mental Struggles: A Guide for Fat Bastards

August 3, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, mental health awareness is crucial for everyone, including the bros in our lives. As a Fat Bastard, it’s important to recognise signs of mental struggle in our buddies and offer support when needed. In this blog, we’ll explore how to identify if a bro is mentally struggling and provide practical steps to help – not bullshit just a simple plan of action.

1. Changes in Behaviour

One of the first things a Fat Bastard looks out for is any significant change in behavior. Bros who are mentally struggling might suddenly become withdrawn or quiet. If your pal starts cancelling plans or avoiding social gatherings, it could be an indicator that something is bothering them.

2. Mood Swings

Mood swings are another red flag. Your buddy might exhibit extra levels of irritability, anger, or sadness without a clear reason. While mood swings can happen to anyone because they have had a sh*t day at work or with the Mrs ( and don’t we all !) , persistent and extreme shifts could be a sign of underlying mental challenges. Be alert!

3. Neglecting Self-Care

Bros who are mentally struggling might neglect their self-care routines – more than usual – and we all know some ugly bastards! Poor personal hygiene, neglecting grooming, or not eating properly – keep an eye out for changes in their physical appearance and daily habits – which are more than just their usual ugliness.

4. Decline in Performance

Whether at work, in the gym, or pursuing hobbies, a significant drop in performance might be a sign of mental distress. If your pal’s usual enthusiasm and drive has dropped, it’s worth checking in to see if they’re okay. 

5. Communication Patterns

Pay attention to how your bro communicates. If they are normally quick on the What’s App or text reply, joking or spinning sh@t with you and you notice they have become less responsive or more serious… it might be an indicator of an issue. 

6. Isolation

Bros who are mentally struggling tend to isolate themselves from their usual group of mates. If they’re spending more time alone and cutting off from friends, it could be a sign that they’re dealing with inner turmoil. Reach out you Fat Bastard – it’s a good thing to do! 

7. Substance Abuse

Sometimes, bro’s facing mental challenges turn to substances like alcohol or drugs to cope… and we are not talking about the usual Friday night binge or spliff with mates! But if you see that they are going too hard too often and really seem out of control – this could be a serious attempt to self-medicate their pain- and that’s no good! 

8. Expressions of Hopelessness

Listen carefully to the words your mates uses. Fat Bastards have two ears …..use them! Expressions of hopelessness, helplessness, or thoughts of self-harm should be taken very seriously. If you notice any such signs, encourage them to seek professional help immediately or sort it for them .. intervene if you need to.

How to Support Your Bro

Now that you’ve learned how to identify if a bro is mentally struggling, let’s explore ways Fat Bastards can offer support: 

1. Initiate Conversations

Reach out and chat. Invite them over, call them up just contact them and let them know you’ve noticed their behaviour change and that you’re there to listen without judgment – Fat Bastards rule no 2.!!!! 

2. Choose the Right Time and Place

When you approach your bro, choose a comfortable and private setting where they can feel at ease opening up about their feelings… ie invite them over for an LOFB cigar? Make sure you explain that anything discussed is confidential between you two .. and wont be discussed with other mates, girlfriends etc .. trust is vital to get them to open up … see Fat Bastards Rule No 1 – No One Never Ever. 

3. Be a Good Listener

Listen. Don’t talk. Don’t give advice.. just listen use your ears….avoid interrupting or offering solutions right away. Sometimes, all someone needs is someone who will truly listen. Fat Bastard Rule No 2 – No Judgement! 

4. Stay Connected

Even if your mate doesn’t open up immediately, Fat Bastards continue showing your support. Send them occasional texts or invite them to low-pressure activities – casual BBQ, out for a coffee, enjoy a cigar together… watch the game … whatever it is. And if they reach out to you – for god sake .. get back to them quickly don’t let it drag – Fat Bastard Rule no 3 – 24 Hr Rule.


Fat Bastards are there for their mates for their pals, mates and bros no matter the challenges they face. You would help out if they broke a leg wouldn’t you ? Mental health is a quiet killer so it needs a voice and it needs someone to hear it. Be that pillar, be that mate, be aware … be a Fat Bastard and support those you care about.